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stores that sell mac cosmetics More Bad Stuff to Avoid Other skin care ingredients to avoid include parabens, which is a group of chemical agents widely used as a preservative in cosmetics products. These agents have been linked to allergic reactions, rashes, endocrine system damage, and the development of cancer. Phenol carbolic acid, an antiseptic, can cause circulatory collapse, paralysis, convulsions, coma, and death resulting from respiratory failure. Polyethylene glycol is an agent widely used as an emulsifier, and a humectant, which is also suspected of causing cancer. Toluene is a compound made from petroleum or coal tar, and it is found in most synthetic fragrances. This chemical is listed as causing anemia, lowered blood cell count,

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liver and kidney damage, and it may affect a developing fetus. The last of the skin care ingredients to avoid that I will list here is an antibacterial agent known as triclosan. Triclosan has been shown to contribute to the creation of new strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria. One thing that few people know about that could probably tip you off as to the potential danger of absorbing triclosan is that it is also a widely used ingredient in weed killer. Shower Yourself with Savings mac cosmetics makeup * Cheap scrubs have to be comfortable; you already know the long hours you are going to be working. Spend less and save all that money youl be making with overtime. (Spend it on something else besides work attire!) * Cheap scrubs can be just as cute as those cartoon scrubs in the catalog. They don look any better just because you paid more for them. It proven that brightly-colored cheerful designs cheer up the patients! And the patients do not care what you paid for your cheap scrubs! They just want to see your smiling face! * Nursing clogs are not the clogs you wore in high school. (You wouldn last a day!). You would wish they were, though. Amazingly comfortable and in a myriad of designs, nursing clogs come in every color of the rainbow and they keep you comfy all day as you tend to your patients and your duties. * Nursing clogs allow you to display your whimsical personality or your serious side, depending on your day! mac cosmetics makeup stores that sell mac cosmetics Shopping

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